What are Crazy Butts?

You’ve heard of regular NFTs, but have you heard of Crazy Butts? They are the newest, craziest NFT project hitting the Cardano Blockchain.

The Crazy Butts each have their own personality, look, and interests. The thing that ties them together is their butt-like appearance and how each one of them is unique!

We aren’t sure where they came from or how they got to planet earth. Some say they landed in a butt-shaped spaceship, others say the wind brought them here from a planet far, far away. All we know is that these crazy creatures are rare, fun, exciting, and (best of all) shaped like butts.

The population of these wild NFTs is low, at only 1000 so they are difficult to find. This limited availability is what makes them special. It also means that you need to get one before they sell out! Only one thousand people out of the seven billion on this earth will have the opportunity to get their hands on their very own Crazy Butt NFT.

Not only that, but each one is different. If you see one out of the thousand that interests you, you better get to it before someone else does because once it’s gone, that’s it.

Crazy Butts are launching shortly and by owning one you will be part of an exclusive club. So, what are you waiting for?

Choose your Crazy Butt now before it’s gone.